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General Information... mailing address: ProTeam Classic Corvette Collection & Sales • P.O. Box 606, Napoleon, Ohio 43545 • THANK YOU for visiting our website. Ohio Dealer Permit #: UD003670 - Have a specific question or request -
A. ProTeam's inventory currently consists of 40-45 1953 to 1982 Corvettes. ProTeam makes every effort to inventory dynamic and desirable Corvettes. Inventory is always changing, stay in touch!

B. Dealers and exports are welcomed, always!!

C. We provide transportation worldwide, FOB Napoleon, Ohio. For example of shipping rates, click here. Prices are based on normal ship times of approximately 5 to 10 days.

D. Financing and insurance are available at competitive rates.

E. Telephone hours: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST Monday thru Friday.

F. Viewing hours: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. Saturday and Sundays are by appointment only.

G. Taxes: Out of state and out of country buyers are Ohio tax exempt but in some cases we have to collect sales tax for your state.

H. Payment: Wire transfer, certified funds, company checks (NO sight drafts). Deposits and down payments are non refundable but under some circumstances might be transferable to a different car.
1) Wire transfer information: Farmers & Merchants State Bank, 307-11 North Defiance, Archbold, Ohio 43502, ABA #041207341. For further credit to: ProTeam Corvette Sales, Inc.

I. Temporary tags: 30 day transit

J. ProTeam has no perpetual mailing list but does have a monthly electronic newsletter.

K. Local accommodations are available in Napoleon and the surrounding area:
- Holiday Inn Express 590 Bonapoarte Dr., Napoleon, OH ph: 419-592-5599 email:
- Best Western Inn & Suites 1290 Independence Dr., Napoleon, OH 800-528-1234 419-599-0850
- Knights Inn 2395 N. Scott Str, Napoleon, OH ph: 419-592-5010
- Augusta Rose B & B 345 W. Main, Napoleon, OH ph: 419-592-5852
- Deer Creek Lodge B & B P999 Cty. Rd. 9B, Napoleon, OH ph: 419-592-7306
... or Google Napoleon, Ohio or call ProTeam and we just may be able to help.

L. ProTeam (1-6) Condition Codes:

M. WARNING: Infrequently used, long stored and newly restored automobiles frequently develop failures and problems during break-in for re-use. Expect these failures! The best running and most reliable automobiles are those used on a regular basis. Some problems may be but are not limited to: a) old gas varnish, b) hydro-lock, especially fuellys, c) brake pull, especially pre-1965 drum brake cars with wheel cylinders

N. For your convenience, we accept VISA amd MASTERCARD!!

O. TOUR GROUPS, ROAD TOURS, CORVETTE CLUBS, etc...If 8 persons or more please call and set appointment a minimum of two weeks prior to arrival. NO SATURDAY TOURS.

P. Photos are available of individual cars at no cost and we prefer to email.

Q. Numbers Match: ProTeam’s catalog description of Numbers Matching cars is in place to inform potential purchasers that the car has a Numbers Match motor to the best of our knowledge. NUMBERS MATCHING DOES NOT MEAN ORIGINAL! ProTeam only checks the numbers that are easily visible and does not disassemble components to check numbers. ProTeam in referencing Numbers Match does not refer to interior, paint, horns, transmission, rear end, voltage regulators, carbs, intakes, generators, and alternators. We suggest, should other numbers be a deciding factor in your purchase, that they should be checked and cross referenced with our or your Corvette Library.

R. NOM: Non Original Motor - ProTeam’s catalog description of NOM cars is in place to inform potential purchasers that the car has a non original motor. ProTeam’s reference(s) to the origin of the automobile and the motor that the car was equipped with from factory, are made to the best of our knowledge. The casting numbers are normally in view on the right hand rear of the block and we suggest that should the actual “in place” motor be a deciding factor to your purchase that this be checked and cross referenced with our/your Corvette Library.

S. Originality: While we are happy to show our customers the casting numbers, stamping on the motor and V.I.N. numbers on the car, we do not guarantee that the motor or any other part or component is in fact the original. There is always the possibility of restamped motors, and as technology improves there will be even more. We cannot guarantee the originality of these vehicles unless it is advertised as original or we have provided to you, the purchaser, a guarantee in writing. NUMBERS MATCHING DOES NOT MEAN ORIGINAL!

T. Trademarked Terms: ProTeam Corvette uses the terms Survivor®, Benchmark®, Gold Certified® when referring to the awards/honors a Corvette may earn during its show history. These specific terms are trademarks of Bloomington Gold.

ProTeam is conveniently located next to KFC on Route 108, just south of the Route 6/Route 24 bypass. ProTeam is 13 miles south of I-80 (Ohio Turnpike) at Exit 3/34; ProTeam is 25 minutes from Toledo, OH; 1-1/2 hours from Detroit, MI; 3-1/2 hours from Chicago, IL; 2-1/4 hours from Cleveland, OH; 4 hours from Pittsburgh, PA; 50 minutes from Ft. Wayne or Auburn, IN; 2-1/2 hours from Columbus, OH; 3 hours from Cincinnati, OH.

Fly-ins should use either Toledo, Ft. Wayne, or Detroit airports for commercial flights, or the Henry County Airport (Napoleon) for private flights (The paved runway extends for 4497 feet).... Again, thank you for considering ProTeam as your potential source for Corvettes!

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